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Soldier’s Rant – Democrats Declare War on the Midwest

In a bid to punish the midwest for not supporting the Democrats takeover of the United States and instilling a fascist state, Democrats, at the urging of Obama Bin Laden are pushing through a vote on a carbon tax that will cost $3100 a year from each household in the united states.  This will eleminate almost 3 million jobs, cost our economy $7 trillion dollars, and is so henous, even some democrats are balking.  At least the threats to bypass the proper channels to get this thing to a vote seems to have been stalled.

Make no mistake, this country is under assault by the left wing extreemists now in power.  They will install socialism, and will stop at nohting to do it.  They will tax the people into oppression, take our livelhoods, then take our lives.  The fact that the Government under Obama Bin Laden is building concentration camps in the United States, training a domestic Army to quell the inevitable uprising, and instututing the Hitler Youth program to take the poorest and most trod upon citizens and giving them power over law abiding citizens, should lead everyone to prepare for the coming revolution.  I for one desperately wish for a peaceful Revolution, by the election of puplic officials who beleive in the American way, and following the Law as written, and not as twisted by years of judicial activism.  However, I do not see the entrenched powers going quietly.  I, for one, took an oath to defend this nation from all threats foreign and domestic.  I never thought I would have to defend from domestic threats, but here we are.  As a once famous future American once said “To arms!” the lefties are coming!


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