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Welcome to The Contenental Soldier blog.  Here I will document the ongoing struggle against illegal oppression by the Governments of the United States that have lost thier way in the bid for more and more power.  We are part of an ever growing grass roots effort to bring about change in all levels of Government by supporting and voting for American Conservative Party candidates.


Stay tuned, great things are about to happen!


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2 Responses

  1. italia032 says:

    Conservatism is what is wrong with the political system.

  2. Metal Thunder says:

    In it’s present form, yes, it is. That is why we need to replace the current conservatism with American Conservatism. You have to understand that American Conservatism is about putting choice and power back into the hands of the people. The Conservative part is the Conserving of government resources to those functions specifically allowed by the Constitution, not about forcing ‘values’ on people. Those issues are best resolved on a local level.

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